Tuesday, January 20, 2009

testing my patience

the underground world of blogging is tempting me to participate - partly to feed my desire to try something more cerebral than stacking blocks and researching formula brands - and partly to prove to myself that I'm not falling behind the rest of the technologically inclined world

I still struggle to use many of the functions on my personal phone device (whatever it's called now) AND I resist reading the manual (partly due to time constraints- excuses, excuses)

the blog feeds my need for creating something visual, too - let's see if I can have some fun without becoming too distracted from my maternal duties!

I spend far more recreational time on the computer now that I'm at home 24/7 - for some people, is blogging a justification for a similar vice? especially if it entertains and/or informs others? or is it just an excuse to avoid going outside at this time of the year???

for now, I'd like to see if my patience-impaired learning style can master the basics of this technology in 30 minutes at a time


  1. Golly! A blog! Well, aren't you a dark horse!

    I'd say my blog not only justifies my lazy computer habit, but also gives me an outlet for a little narcissistic self-expression. Win-win.

    You do know that now we will all expect you to post semi-regularly... right?

  2. Blogging is all about avoidance!!